Sunday, November 16, 2008

The altered house book is finished!

Been working on this book little by little and it is finally done. Took a bunch of pictures so you can see it. The light was good in the dining room, so I got clearer, brighter, better pictures.

Remember I told you that this book suddenly turned into a flip book? Here is side one, entitled "Winter Wonderland."

I love the beaded trim that looks like icicles hanging from the eave of this house book.A real woolen mitten! Got the idea to cut out a mitten shape from felt then sew it together. And the picture of that little tiny girl all bundled up against the cold. She has her mittens on!This next little girl is all bundled up, too! Check out that wooly snow suit she has on! And it even looks like the photographer gave her a "snowball" to hold for this picture.Used some Pearl Ex here as well as Diamond Dust for the other tree.This is the flip side -- side two. I call it "For the Birds"!The background here is an old Christmas postal envelope that bears a message. You fold it up and then lick the flap to close. Add postage and the address and they are ready to send. Lots of different pictures to choose from among those postal envelopes!I love the pretty tags and post cards that Cavallini & Co. has made for the Christmas season. Lots of glitter and pretty birds. I used lots of these to finish the flip side of this altered book.

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Lindsey said...

Your book turned out beautiful. I agree I think the icicle trim looks great and all the images are adorable of the bundled up girls!

Thank you so much for the kind comments about Fran. We appreciate all the support!