Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Payson weekend, Part II

Now to show you some of the finds and treasures from Payson, Pine and Strawberry, Arizona. Here are a few items that will be incorporated into future mixed media projects. Love the cards from the "Game of Snap". I also found the ceramic pin cushion top -- that's the lady you see in the center near the top.
Another yard sale was all craft items being cleared out of a lady's home. She had passed and relatives were selling her huge stash! I got there on Friday and most of it was gone. But there were the lovely velvet fabrics, trims and lace. Also lots of tiny cloth flowers that are vintage.
Here are the girlie items I found for my booth at Merchant Square. Love the beaded purses, white gloves, the "right shoes" and the pink frame by Rachel Ashwell. More pearls! I sell a lot of those at Merchant Square.
I stopped in at Paper, Metal, Scrap in Payson. It is a scrapbooking store there. Kim, you have to see the wooden hangers that are from Melissa Francis! I am going to work on a couple of them! They would look great decorated with vintage baby photos, pretty paper and trim.
Here we are, Gail and I. I think we look tired but happy! Gail's husband took the picture just before I left to come home yesterday. I didn't have any makeup on because my left eye was looking awful! All bloodshot! Went to the doctor Monday morning and he thought it was just allergies and has prescribed eye drops to lessen the redness. The eye was really red! Nothing like patriot eyes -- red, white and blue! LOL!!


Joy said...

Judy, you did GREAT on your 'treasure hunt'. Such wonderful finds.......in such a beautiful place.......and COOLER, too, I'm sure. Can't wait to see what you do with the coathangers. What a FUN weekend!! Hope your eye is doing better! What a BAD YEAR for allergies......everywhere!

CeCe said...

Wish I looked so good without make up. I am also happy for your fun time and fun finds!

Judy said...

Looks like you had a very productive shopping expedition. I love all the vintage things.