Monday, June 30, 2008

Payson weekend, Part I

Gail and I had an absolutely fabulous time last weekend in Payson. I arrived up there at around 9:30 in the morning and called Gail on my cell phone to find out where the 5th wheel was in the RV park. Instead, she directed me to the first yard sale. She was already there and told me to drive over to meet her! I never even got out of the car! We were on the go immediately! All day!

The first thing that struck me were the flowers! An old favorite of mine are hollihocks! I haven't seen hollihocks since I was a child and we visited grandparents and other relatives in Iowa and Kansas every year. My Grandmother Sowers always had hollihocks in her garden. She lived in a really small town in Henderson, Iowa. That's where my mother grew up. This yard was full of hollihocks.
A close up of the beautiful pink hollihocks. BTW, these were taken with my small Olympus camera. Didn't take the new one because I don't feel ready to take good pictures with it yet. Still learning.
These beautiful roses were found in Pine across the road from several shops and a thrift store. The bushes were loaded with blooms.
Daylilies!! I haven't seen daylilies since we moved here from Virginia. I had loads of daylilies in my yard in Virginia. Loved them! They looked great and require no care!
Flags along the fence at a small group of shops in Pine. The shops look like old buildings that may have been on a small farm. Getting ready for the Fourth of July!!

Tomorrow I will have pictures of my finds while shopping in Payson. I haven't unpacked them yet! Too tired.


Paris Cowgirl said...

Glad you had a great time! Can't wait to hear more and see what treasures you brought home.

Chia said...

Oh my goodness, Daylillies and Hollyhocks. You've got me wanting to pack a moving van and head for greener pastures. It's you had thrown in some Lilacs it would have been a done deal. I live living here in AZ but I sorely miss my gardens.

CeCe said...

From the looks of these pictures You do not need another camera. Your pictures are just beautiful. By the way, the favorite thing I have been enjoying in Pinetop is gardening with some "old" favorites that I was unable to have in the valley. I will be planting some hollyhocks for sure. Can't wait to see your finds.

Joy said...

Oh, Judy......I don't know how the pictures could be more beautiful. What a great place. Never been there. Can't wait to see all your 'treasures'.

Judy said...

Your pictures are wonderful.