Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Found bird nest

Had the new Nikon camera out this morning to take a picture of this bird nest in the palo verde tree in the front yard. There were several of these nests in this same tree, but the tree trimmers cut out most of them before I could get them down. This one remains. And it is close enough for me to cut it down and save it. I wish I knew what bird built this nest. It has to be a desert bird. Sorry to say that this nest took a beating from the windy conditions last night. I want to take a closer look at this nest.

The desert dwelling birds are very savvy when it comes to building their nests. I have seen them nestled in the crook of the arm of a saguaro cactus or in a hollowed out hole made by the bird (a cactus wren). Others I have seen are built in the midst of a cactus with long spines (1-2 inches long) -- bet that is to protect the nest and eggs from predators. Every one well adapted to the harsh life in the Sonoran Desert.


Chia said...

Have you had any Verdin in your yard? Their nest looks similar.

Judy said...

I don't know??!! I will have to look it up in my trusty bird book. Thanks for the clue! I will check it out.

Judy said...

You got a really great picture of the nest. We have a nest on the window ledge of the laundry room window. Robins have used it twice this year. We've had to keep the blinds closed because we disturbed the momma every time we went into the room. I tried to get a picture of her on the nest but she would fly off every time I went on the deck.

Paris Cowgirl said...

Too funny! We just had the talk about "having a productive weekend"
and guess what I found this weekend? Several more eggs and the nest that they must have come out of. I think the wind got to them as well. So sad, but I've got quite the egg collection now and one nest!