Monday, June 16, 2008

Special cards for gifts

Ah! Back at the studio table -- which is actually my kitchen island, not a table. Got this idea for making quick gifts or "give aways" for friends and people who take my classes. They all measure approximately 3 1/2" x 4 1/2". They all have vintage buttons, lace, ribbon or other pieces.This one has a gold applique that I found while rummaging through a drawer in the spare bedroom. Recognize the little face? It's from the Barbie picture stands a couple of blogs ago -- see below.Old mother-of-pearl (MOP) buttons. You can stamp on ribbon. But make sure you stamp on a piece of paper first so that your second stamp is lighter.Old MOP scarf slide or belt slide. The ribbon is from Mystic Paper.Ah! See a small gift for the upcoming Annie Oakley class?? I have done a bunch more, but will not take up space right here. Maybe I will post them later on the right side of the blog. Again, I was just searching through my box of trims and my scrap box for trim and images. The basic cards are from the Instant Memories and Memories of a Lifetime books that have the CD's. Lots of good stuff in those!!


Joy said...

Judy........if this fabulous art work is what the 'hot weather' brings about.........I can't wait to get back and try my hand! All are wonderful, but OF COURSE the 'cowboy one' is my fave! Can you tell...up here in CT....your blogs are my link to AZ and home!

Judy said...

Yes, I can! Hurry back!! We have lots to do even if it is HOTTER than blazes! Takes your breath away just to go to the mailbox! They are forecasting 114 today and that will be reached in about 2 more hours. Whew!!