Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quail Babies!

I have seen this quail family several times lately. And this morning I was able to get a picture of the mama followed by 7 little ones! They are just way cute! Mama is over on the right. It is hard to pick out all 7 babies unless you know where to look. But you can see some of them quite clearly. They are really quick!

Kim has a new blog! Paris Cowgirl and I love the look!! Way to go, Kim!! High 5! I hope you will be blogging more now! Check it out!


Her Vintage Stage said...

I can't believe those little dots are birds. That is so cute. They are so little. I guess if you have seen a quaill egg, it makes sense.

Paris Cowgirl said...

So teeny tiny! I miss seeing quail. In CA we had them all over the place. I love my blog too! Mike did a great job. And yes, the new look has inspired me to blog more! P.S. We got some great new product in from Prima. We haven't blogged about it yet, but you're gonna love it!