Friday, May 2, 2008

Hot Air Ballooning!

Heard the helicopter then I saw the balloons out my window. So I went out to see what was going on. The balloons (4) were really close this a.m. I thought the chopper was watching them because one of the balloons was down close to the houses.I could see the markings on the helicopter and it was from Fox News Channel 10 here in Phoenix. Didn't know why the chopper was in the area. More on that in a sec!This balloon logo is a frequent visitor down here. I see these in the area a lot. It is really cool and nice this a.m. and the hot air balloon enthusiasts frequently set sail down here. There is open desert just south of where I live and that is the perfect place to set down after a flight. Hope the Indian reservation has given permission!Here you can see two of the balloons floating away. The chopper is there but so tiny you can hardly see it. It looks like a bird sitting on a branch near the top of the picture. After I took this picture the chopper quickly headed west.

I decided to turn on Channel 10 to see the balloons. Instead I saw their chopper showing pictures of several DPS cars and a lot of policemen looking for illegals running in the desert just off I-10 south of Riggs Road. The report was that the illegals had been dumped there by a coyote. Happens a lot here in Phoenix and Tucson. The chopper pulled back for a wider shot and I saw the housing area where I live. Scary!

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