Thursday, May 1, 2008

Challenge: Redoing my studio/craft space!

Well, I finally took matters in hand and reorganized the studio/craft space in the kitchen. Two things happened recently that pushed me into making this effort!

First: I found a replacement display hutch for a shelf unit I had at Merchant Square. Good! This week I took out the shelf unit, brought it home, and put the hutch in its place at the Square.

Second: I read the blog Faerie *Dust* Dreams by Michelle Frae Cummings of Orange County, California. She put forth a challenge to her readers to reorganize their craft space and either blog about it and let her know or email pictures to her. That challenge was the catalyst to all this activity! Thanks, Michelle! Just the push I needed!
Before #1: Here is the writing desk my DDH (dear departed hubby) made for me before he got ill and lost interest in woodworking. I love this desk! But, can you see the top of it?? Do I use it?? No, to both!! It just collects stuff that I don't have any place else to put it.
Before #2: Here is my Hoosier. It is stuffed to nearly overflowing! Inside the cabinet, however, everything is in order and I can find inks, mediums, and other basics easily. I did the cabinet a long time ago. Thought I had blogged about it but couldn't find the blog. Sorry!
Before #3: Here is my craft desk that holds paper, loads of stamps and files. Again, do I use it much?? Can you see the top of it?? Again, no to both!
Before #4: And the floor!! Yep!! Even baskets and boxes on the floor because there is nowhere to set them. I have to clean all this up once a month so the housecleaners can do the floor. Guess I was tired of doing that, too!! So, here's the result of all this activity. The after pics!! After #1: Here's the writing desk, moved from the opposite wall, cleaned off and now I think I can use it! I have a bird feeder outside that window and it will be such fun to watch the birds while working. Before, I would just stand there for a moment and watch. Now I can actually sit and watch!!After #2: Here is the Hoosier. Notice how empty the cupboard area is?? Nothing on the enamel top?? Woohoo!! Now, the shelf unit on the left is from Merchant Square. After putting it in yesterday, I decided that another unit was needed on the right side. So this morning I went out to the garage, unloaded that unit, and brought it in the house. Ah! Now that looks better!!

After #3: Then I removed the top of the craft table, pushed the two individual units to the opposite wall, and put out the items I use most on top.

The floor is now clear of any baskets or boxes. The dust has been cleaned up (and there was a lot of that!!). I am sure that the items on the shelves are not "in the right place" just yet, but I will get that taken care of as time goes by. And there is still plenty of room on those shelves for more things!

I think I am quite happy with this. Time will tell as I begin to use the space and get it "tweaked" into near perfect order.

However, all of this does nothing to help the stash of stuff in the garage or the other stuff that inhabits my guest room. Perhaps in a few weeks. Yeh, right!!! LOL!!!


JWood said...

wow! the studio looks great! i should seriously consider redoing my space too! thanks!

Sampler Stitcher said...

Hi Judy, I'm a organizing and redecorating junkie myself. Love to see where others create. I'd be happy to take that Hoosier off your hands if you don't have room for it :) Just kidding...but what a great piece. We do have similar tastes! Hope to see you at MP. Tanya