Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blog reading this a.m.

About once a week I spend time reading blogs. Cece's blog, N Your Dreams, with pictures of her new home in Pinetop, AZ, gave me the idea for today's blog. Check out her blog! I am envious that she has a home in Pinetop to avoid the hot weather down here in Phoenix. And! She even has pictures of the recent snow fall they had there.

Cece loves bling and so do I! I wanted to show you some of the bling and other ideas in my home.

This is my bling dress form.Not a big dress form, but very pretty with its off white fabric covering and the lace skirt. I have put several pieces of sparkly rhinestone jewelry on her. Pins and orphan earrings. I have picked up the jewelry over the years from my usual haunts -- eBay, antique shows, estate sales.Cece had attached her rhinestone earrings to a lampshade. I didn't go that far, but I did hang this shell necklace from the very plain lampshade in my bedroom. Thought it sort of perked it up a bit. That's my maternal grandmother in the frame. It was taken about 1913. The frame was bought from an older gentleman who wandered into Main Street Antiques while I was working there one day (about 5 years ago) to sell some things. I added my grandmother's picture to the frame.
Have been working on two "black and white" projects for submission to Somerset Studio. Can't show you those just yet. Once those are done and in the mail, I will be back to doing more mixed media collages. Got a cowgirl idea that just needs a bit of tweeking to get it finished.

Also went to Mystic Paper yesterday and scooped up some of those fabulous Cavalini tags they have as well as some papers and digi-shrink plastic to try out! Fun times ahead! Since summer is on the way, we "desert dwellers" don't spend much time outside -- to darned hot! So I will be spending time inside trying new stuff and creating class projects. Stay tuned!! Oh, 103 degrees for today!! Will also be spending more time at home because of the price of gas! Ouch!! It's awful!


CeCe said...

Judy, I am thrilled to have been your inspiration! The shade looks lovely with the shell necklace. The mannequin is also darling with the jewelry. It is so much fun finding new ways to use vintage jewels of ALL nature. Smile. While I am loving working on this precious cottage I am jealous of your ability to hop over to Mystic Paper! Thank you again for the mention on your blog and for letting me know I inspired you. The best of compliments!

Joy said...

LOVE IT!, Judy. The lampshade is the mannequin! What fun! Can't WAIT to see what 'summer projects' you turn out. I'm with YOU.....stay in and create during the AZ HOT MONTHS! Wait for me........I'll be there SOON!

Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

These are just a few pics of Judy's beautiful home! I finally went there the other day and was bowled over. Definitely magazine material!

Judy said...

Kim, you are too kind! Not magazine material!

Judy said...

From one Judy to another Judy, the dress form is to die for!!!!!