Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday's class was loads of fun!

Saturday's class started off really late. Why, you ask? One person was lost on the 101, one thought it was on Monday, and the other thought it was scheduled from 1-4 p.m. After a couple of phone calls, everyone finally arrived. They had a ball creating their individual hankie books! Here is Carol with her completed book. I was so glad that she said Mike could take her picture with me and put it on my blog.
Here I am sewing away on some of the hankie books. Some students are not familiar enough with a sewing machine to feel comfortable doing their own sewing on a strange machine.
Here are Tami and Nicole hamming it up for the photo! They had a great time. All went home with completed books and were quite happy. All three said they were going to make another book. It really is easy to do and looks so elegant when finished.

Nicole and Tami both brought vintage hankies of their own to make their books with. That adds such a personal touch to a project. Wonderful!!

All photos are courtesy of Mike Putman who was working at Mystic Paper yesterday and offered to take pictures of the ongoing class. Thanks a million, Mike!! You're the greatest!!


Anonymous said...

Love the photos and everyone's finished books! They will surely be treasured by all of them. Yet another WONDERFUL class!

Judy said...

Thanks, Jennifer!!

Nicole said...

Judy thanks for a marvelous Saturday! I'm so sorry that I was late. Thanks for doing all that sewing for me. I've bought more supplies and am getting ready to test my own sewing skills. Wish me luck. Have a great May and I'll see you either in the store or on the net. :D