Monday, April 28, 2008

Decorative painting

I noticed last week on ScrapScene that they had a "new idea" for decorating layouts. Dotting acrylic paint on the layout with the tip of a paint brush (not the bristle end). Now I did decorative painting over 20 years ago. I taught classes regularly to support my habit. I did craft shows with two other painters every year. I still have a lot of my work but it is, for the most part, stored away. Some of it hangs in the house.

So, I decided to take some pictures that would demonstrate how to do this simple technique. It really is lovely on any art work.All you need is a dollop of paint and a paintbrush.Dip the end of the brush in the dollop and then, holding the paintbrush nearly vertical, touch the surface gently to put a dot of paint down. If you reload the paintbrush each time you dot, your dots will be approximately the same size. If you do not reload, they will gradually get smaller. This picture shows that nicely.Here is another trick I learned. Dip and dot two dots side by side.Then using a stylus or a toothpick, gently spread the paint from the center of the each dot downward into a "V" shape. Fill it in if necessary. There you have a perfect little heart to add interest to any layout, tag, page, etc. After I realized that this technique was on a "come back" I decided to do a blog about how easy this technique is to do. Didn't realize that after 20 years that this was "new" to people. I thought it was "old hat." I scoffed!! I laugh!!! How misguided can I be?? LOL!!!

This painting is hanging in my hall. It measures 22"x32" and was painted by me in 1988. You can see the dots in the pattern on her dress sleeves and the random dots on the flowers.This box rests atop the murphy bed in the spare room. I was not going to climb up there to get a better close up. After I fell nearly 4 weeks ago off of a chair while putting up a shelf at Merchant Square, I do not climb things. Still am sore at times from that fall! Mainly bruised my ribs and my ego (big time!). Just too lazy to go get the step stool.This close up shows you all the dots on this angel box. Her bouquet, the trim on her dress and the background "wallpaper" are all made from tiny dots.Dots are coming back! How funny!!


Lindsey Michaelree said...

You can do it all Judy, so neat to see your painting. Thanks for sharing the tips too, I am sure I can use this technique in an upcoming project. Thanks again!

remembrance888 said...

Love your art!!!Please visit my blog for free OLD PICTURES, EVERYDAY

Jillian said...

Dots are about the only thing I can paint (lol). Popped over to your blog via Jack 'n Cat's blog (Mike).

The Vintage Butterfly said...

Love the dots and I will definitely be using that technique, as I love to play around with my craft paints!

Kelly/The Vintage Butterfly Boutique