Friday, March 7, 2008

In the mail yesterday . . .

Came the next issue of Country Living Magazine. I didn't look at it until this morning over coffee and one ear on the news. I subscribed to Country Living for years! Started my subscription with the second issue. I saved them all for years until, in the interest of saving overweight charges on the moving van, I had to give them up. Just a few years ago I also let my subscription lapse. The magazine layouts were getting too spare/sparce. The comfort and cozyness of country style seemed to disappear. I felt the magazine had gotten "off point."

Recently I restarted my subscription because it seemed to have gotten back to its "roots" and the comfort and cozyness came back. Goody! Well, the latest issue is great!This issue is packed with wonderful articles and bits of information. There is the cutest organizer created from an egg carton; an article on how to use vintage yo-yo's created for quilts (I have a basket full of yo-yo's!); delightful ways to use those doilies (which I have loads of!) which no one seems to want anymore; loads of "green" tips; and an article on Magnolia Pearl which you have to see for yourself!I have used yo-yo's in artwork (the above are mine, not from the magazine). Below is just a small portion of a wall hanging that is currently in the hands of Stampington & Co. awaiting publication in a future magazine. I have not been notified about a publication date, but do know that it is there and being held for publication.I have a lot of doilies in my booths at Merchant Square -- all shapes and sizes. I have two projects "pinned" together that use doilies. Watch for those!! No one seems to buy doilies anymore, but that may change after people read this magazine.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you my enthusiasum for this issue of Country Living.

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