Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend fun - flea market and sales

Meet Mickey Snider. Isn't she just the cutest?? And I love her shoes. Where have I seen those before?
She has the same kind of shoes that Peggy Lou was wearing in her photo. Remember Peggy Lou?? While checking old posts I discovered that I didn't publish the post about Peggy Lou. So here goes:

Peggy Lou is in kindergarten, so she must be 5 years old in this picture. I think she is just too cute in those funky shoes! Someone, probably her mother, had handwritten a note on the back of this postcard. The note says:

"Well Hello Mr. Swing-- Hope you haven't forgotten me your little Peggy Lou. Didn't want you to forget me for I still think of the fun you & I had painting scenery in Mesa. I'm a big girl in kindergarten. All the other children are doing fine in school & Mother is allmost (sic) well again & Dad is still trying to paint scenery. Lots of love good luck from the Baby Peg & all. Peggy Lou".

Amazing what you can uncover or discover in an antique mall. I have more to show you as the week progresses. Right now it is in a pile in the spare bedroom where I do all my pricing for Merchant Square items.

Must tell you about a new blog I discovered. Sarah answered my "Blog Trade" about the extra ATC's. Sarah lives in Australia. Check out her blog here. She has some cool creations!


Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

You have such a knack for finding the stinkin' cutest photos. Those little girls had to have plenty of "attitude" to wear those shoes! Have you done any research on what those shoes are?

Judy Bidwell said...

No. Not that ambitious. But it is worth some thought. I love the pictures of little children dressed in their best for those photos!