Monday, January 14, 2008

More of the weekend's finds

Here are more of last weekend's finds.

I love that pretty slip dress. It is beaded and sparkles -- right up my alley! A couple of pretty hats. Love the pink shoes! Lots of corsages made by hand and quite lovely! A french phone that works. See the feather hat by the french phone -- those feathers are really unusual and I may take the hat apart to use the feathers in art work. In the upper left is a 4-section relish tray. However, I thought it would make a great desk organizer! The sections are heavy glass dishes and all sit in a silverplate holder. How cool is that?? Another "old lady" pink hat that is covered with flowers. A bunch of hankies at the top that are embroidered with "Miami Florida". All of these items will find their way to Merchant Square. Got bags of great vintage buttons to take in, too.

More pictures tomorrow. I am not done!

ATC Trade: I still have three ATC's left to swap with anyone who will leave a comment and email me your address. I am still in awe that Sarah found my blog -- she's in Australia! Her ATC went into the mail today. Did you check out her "inchies" on her blog?? You can do that here. Those are so cool!

Another discovery today. On Tim Holtz' website he has a 4 1/2 minute video on how to use the grungeboard. You can view it here. It is really full of ways to decorate the grungeboard. I found it helpful.

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