Tuesday, January 1, 2008

January Girls Club ATC's

I just finished the ATC's and the purse insert for the January Girls Club ATC Swap. The theme was "All About You" meaning "Me." I searched through my box of old photos from my childhood and came across this picture of my cousin, my sister and me holding our beloved Ginny Dolls. Making clothes for the dolls was my favorite thing to do at the time. That is where I learned to sew and construct simple doll clothing. I still have the original Ginny Doll and her clothing. I also have a lot of the clothes that I made stored in a doll trunk. I hope to pass the Ginny Doll on to my granddaughter when she is older.

But I think Ginny Doll will have to go to the doll hospital before that happens. Her arms, legs and head are getting loose. They are attached using rubberbands and I know they are old (this picture was taken in the mid-1950's).

The second card is a dream I had as a kid that I wanted to be a cowgirl. My sister and I were big fans of Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy and the Lone Ranger. We collected horses, rode make-believe broomstick horses, and played with cowboy and farm sets all the time as kids. We even begged our dad for a pony that could live in our backyard. Of course, we never got that pony (wonder why!! LOL!!). But our parents took us often to Griffith Park in Los Angeles so we could ride the ponies there.

This is the insert for the small plastic purse that I use to turn in my ATC's for the swap. This swap has been a lot of fun. I am sorry that it will be discontinued for a while.

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