Sunday, December 9, 2007

Flemish dollmaker form

Flemish dollmaker form -- she is nearly 2 feet tall with jointed arms. Perfect for hanging jewelry! I first saw something similar on the American Harvest blog. They described it as a creation by Eric Cortina and called it a "santos". That was no help. American Harvest did not answer an email about where to get these or if they would be willing to sell one to me. I searched online for one several times -- a Google search of Eric Cortina and santos turned up nothing remotely similar. So when another doll appeared on a different blog and noted that it came from Ballard Designs, I went there and found this dollmaker form.

Not being one who can leave well enough alone, I felt she needed a hat of some sort. Here is what I created just for her.
Note the watch pendent on her. I filled an old watch case with vintage-looking tinsel (another find at Melrose Vintage), glued in some old beads, added a bow and put it on an old pearl necklace. I really like the pendent. However, it needs some more sparkle to it. Will have to ponder what to add to jazz it up! Perhaps a different ribbon.


Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

I love her! Can I see her in person? She needs to get out of the house!

Judy Bidwell said...

She just might be up for a trip to Mesa later in the week!! I'll ask her!

Antsinpants said...

Did you put a glaze on her? The one I got fm Ballards several months ago has a "flatter" finish.
Nice work!

Jennifer said...

You have a very beautiful doll. They are actually Santos Cage Dolls. They were used in the 18th century in religious processions and for in home alters in villages that didn't have churches.

SantosCageDoll said...

Those are some beautiful embellishments for your doll!