Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today's musings

Yesterday's Glimmermist workshop at Mystic Paper (see more pics here) was a success. All the ladies loved the effect! One lady had been working with the Glimmermist and was looking for new ways to use it.
Here are two tags that I put together yesterday morning before the workshop.

With the tag on the right I tried something different and was pleased with the results. I stamped the Vintage Photo ink pad directly onto a kraft sheet. Then I spritzed gold Glimmermist into the inked area. The tag was then rubbed into the mix of ink and glimmer directly on the kraft sheet. Really turned out nice! I am just sorry that the scanner doesn't pick up the glimmer.

More images from Lucketts.

What little girl wouln't love to play with this dollhouse?? This is just a small nook on the main floor.

The Blogger is being belligerent again! I will try posting a few more pictures later. Have completed a mini book you will like!

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