Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gifts for my bridge friends

I took intermediate bridge lessons at the beginning of this year. Did that in order to refresh my basic skills and learn more -- like Stayman, Jacoby transfer, etc. Our regular group is made up of the three ladies I took lessons with. We play almost weekly now. Anyway, it seems that none of the others have bridge scorepads. So, I decided to get them scorepads for Christmas gifts. However, the scorepads definitely needed help! Pretty blah -- see them at the upper left in this picture.
Got the basics together to do a set of holders in assembly line fashion. Here is the completed cover. I used a cut up Tripoly game board for the front and back covers. That Tripoly game board was an estate sale find -- today's sets have plastic cloth boards.
The front and back board pieces enclose the scorepad and all three will be bound together with a binder ring. Comments?? I think I should make one for myself and send it in for consideration for publication. Make a great piece for the Somerset Home publication, don't you think?


Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

They're gonna love them! Of course you should submit it. You're always coming up with unique creations!

Michael J & Lesley Fisher said...

I really love these! Your so damn good!