Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Upcoming Sale at Merchant Square

This weekend, beginning Friday, is the first fall three-day sale at Merchant Square. So I have been busy this week rummaging through my garage, closets and also a fruitful trip to Goodwill in order to have a good inventory for this sale. I took pictures today after I had rearranged my booths and got them refreshed and new looking for the sale.
This is my "girlie" booth. I love this long black dress. If it had been in my size I would have kept it. The ruffly formal to the left is a vintage prom dress. It is beautiful!This is another corner of my "girlie" booth. The chair is "new" but it is so feminine and the fabric is in the colors I love. This is a very cozy little corner.This wall is my favorite! I love the mosquito netting hung on the wall and then the desk/vanity placed in front of it. The chandelier has lots of glass prisms on it and is very pretty. The black curio cabinet holds perfume bottles, beautiful plates with roses on them, feathers for vintage hats, and old reading glasses.This is my other booth. I call it my "back booth" because it is at the back of the center section in the mall. It is part "girlie" and part "country". I love the sexy black dress with the purple furry stole at the shoulder. The other dress form has a vintage 50's Christmas apron of green netting with felt Christmas items on it. The old mink stole is just like my grandmother's. The black coat is a dyed fox jacket that is really cool!This is another corner of the "back" booth. You can see all the pretty plates as well as frames, pictures, and other fun things.This shabby china cabinet holds a lot of pretty jewelry, great evening purses and vintage toys too small to leave out of a locked cabinet. The other shelves hold vintage kitchen items and country style items.

So now you can see what I have been up to the last few days. I will be at the mall off and on all weekend. Saturday morning is the parking lot flea market which I never miss! I always find something great there!

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Jennifer and Kim said...

Ohhhh Judy your booths look great! I'll have to see if Rick and I can get to the sale this weekend. Fun, fun, fun!