Monday, October 22, 2007

Parfumerie tin

This tin was the first one I ever did. The image on the cover is a favorite of mine.The image on the left was from a magazine. I stamped on it and then covered it with a piece of mica. The tiny gold beads were added last. The background on the right is a piece of tissue paper. The tiny perfume bottle is filled with roses potpourri. Dried roses and a rose earring were added last.

MOO Cards -- What are those?

I have been saying for months that I need to have business cards made. But, on Saturday I took a class at Mystic Paper and got to chatting with Maija who was sitting across from me. She gave me one of her MOO cards and showed me other cards she had collected from other artists. MOO cards are smaller than a regular business card, but serve the same purpose. Well, that was the answer to my business card dilemma. So this morning I got onto MOO's website and ordered some MOO cards. The great thing about these cards is that you can use your own art work on one side of the card. The other side has all your information. It was easy and simple to do. I should get them in a few weeks -- they come from England!

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