Saturday, October 27, 2007

My scissors!

You know what drives me crazy?? Misplacing something, looking all over for it, and not being able to find it! I have a pair of scissors that are my favorite. They came from Creative Memories and they are the best scissors ever! I have misplaced them. I have looked everywhere; looked under everything; searched every room; and still no scissors. Do you ever do that?? If I don't return something to the general or specific place where it belongs, I spend a lot of time looking for that something because I can't remember when or where I used it last. Drives me crazy! I can even sit at my worktable, put something down, never get up or move, and still can't find something I just used! Now that's BAD!

Today's class at Mystic Paper

I am teaching "Awaiting Halloween" today. This is such a fun project and you don't have to use glue! All you need is a sewing machine. Everything is sewn down.

I will take pictures of the students as they create their own little wall hangings. They are going to dye their own tissue paper, burn the edges of the transparency, and then pull it all together. The tiny bottle at the bottom is full of eyes, beads, feathers, notes, and other things I am bringing along for fun. I will post pictures soon.

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