Saturday, September 8, 2007

Where did the week go? More adventures!

For the first time in months, the temperature outside early this morning was below 80 degrees! I have the sliding door open to let in the cool, fresh air! Ahh! Perhaps fall is on the way!

After working on Wednesday, Kim called me again Thursday morning and asked if I could work again at Mystic Paper (little Tucker had to have stitches and mom, Jennifer, had to take him to the ER). So, I did! Met more great ladies that are attending the Creative Escape function in Scottsdale this weekend. Several of the ladies that visited on Thursday were from Nova Scotia. Several Texans also came into the shop. They had on the glitziest bracelets and earrings! Loved the bracelets! And they bought yards and yards of vintage rayon seam binding. I never cut so much ribbon in my life! LOL!!

On Friday, I had to get something done! Groceries (Mother Hubbard's cupboard has nothing on my fridge!), buy supplies and get organized for my class today, and a visit to the new Halloween Store at Warner and Arizona Avenue. Look what I found in there! (Mike, you need to check this place out!)

I love this crow! He has a way of looking up at you to see what you are doing! I call him Blackie -- how original, huh??!! LOL!! The Halloween Store has everything from costumes (kids to adults), yard decorations, party decorations, spooky sounds CD's, gorey stuff (eeww!), candy bags, shoes, you name it and it is all Halloween! I am going to find out what my granddaughter is going to be for Halloween and then visit the store again.

Today's class is the Flycatcher canvas. The class is small, but we are going to have a lot of fun with new techniques. More on this class later.

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Thanks for the tip on the Raven!