Friday, September 28, 2007

Week in review . .

This blog should make up for not posting anything since last Sunday!!

This week started out with mostly empty days on my calendar. The two things I HAD to do were take my new car in to have the bumper fixed/replaced and do two sets of ATC's for another swap I joined. Well, then the days started to fill up -- FAST!

Monday I was "under the weather." Sunday evening my ears plugged up for no reason I could figure out. Everyone told me allergies! I felt like I needed to yawn to clear my ears. No better by Monday, so after I took my car to the body shop I went to Urgent Care. No ear infection. Just take Sudafed and it will go away in 24-48 hours. Swell, in the mean time I feel like I am in a barrel, talking on the phone was difficult to hear the other party, and I wanted to curl up. So I did.

Tuesday was devoted to finding and pricing items in my garage for my booths at Merchant Square. We have a 3-day sale next weekend and I needed more inventory for the booths. Ears still plugged!

Wednesday my ears were completely clear! Now how was that?? Anyway, Wednesday was my monthly card making class. Two of the three cards we made are below. That afternoon I played bridge with my group . . . then went out for dinner! Day is gone!

Thursday was totally clear except for dinner with my neighbors (repaying me for watching their house for 6+ weeks while they were in Oregon). Goodie!! A whole day to start my ATC's and make a quick trip to the antique mall. WRONG! One phone call later and I was off to a friend's house (I should say garage) to hunt for treasures for my booths. Then in the afternoon I HAD to get the already priced stuff to the mall for this weekend. Home for a quick shower and dinner. Another day -- zip!

So, now, today. Whew!! I finally have a clear day and I got my ATC's done. Here are the results...

This ATC has a background of black cardstock covered with gel medium and then a fine gold glitter sprinkled on before it dried. The scanner does not pick up the glitter and you can see the brush strokes from the gel medium. Hmm!

This ATC is too cute, I think! I am sending an extra one to my granddaughter. I sewed the purple fabric to black cardstock on three sides only, creating a pocket. Then I printed out on orange cardstock the word "BOO!" and attached a ribbon pull. The little boy in the jack-o-lantern was glued on last. The boo tag is inserted inside the pocket. Pull it out for a surprise!

I learned something new today. I had heard that you can use double-sided sticky tape to tape a short piece of paper, ribbon, fabric, whatever, to a regular piece of paper. Then you can feed it through the printer without a jam. I tried it and it worked! I used a short piece of label paper, stuck to a regular piece of paper, to print out labels for the back of my ATC's. It worked!

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