Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Today's Adventure

I got a call from Kim last night (Mystic Paper). She asked me to come to the shop today and help her and Jennifer for a few hours. Creative Escape is having their get-together this weekend in Scottsdale. Lots of the ladies attending had come into town early and were shopping -- by the limo full! So I went to help out!

What a busy afternoon! Ladies from all over the world came to shop at Mystic Paper and everyone loved the shop. There was one lady from Japan! Several from the East Coast (Boston), and lots from California. How nice to meet everyone and make new friends! Thanks Kim for the great adventure today!

Another gorgeous cloud formation south of here tonight. No rain is forecast, but the clouds make for a pretty sunset!

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Jennifer and Kim said...

We cannot thank you enough Judy! What a day it was. So many happy women all in one store. You are always there to rescue us on a moments notice!