Sunday, September 2, 2007

Halloween is in the air!

This past week has been a bit of a bummer. The main thing that happened is that when backing out of a parking space, I thought I had plenty of room from the truck beside me. I cleared the bumper, no problem! But the loooooong trailer hitch on that truck punched a hole in my bumper!! My brand new car!! Surprisingly, I was not that upset about it. No tears, no curses, no being beside myself. Just a big DRAT! Estimates are obtained and I will get this fixed in a week or two.

Been working on Halloween thing-ie's! Here is the line up:
I loved the picture of this little girl in the paper bag dress held together with duct tape. It is a magazine ad that I scanned, converted to black and white and then printed out a transparency. My take on it was "Her mother couldn't sew, but she was creative!" Just fits this to a T.

This is my idea of a Halloween Ball Gown for witches. Just a bit fancy and enough do-dads to make noise!

Here is my favorite! "Awaiting Halloween". This vintage image just fit the incantation from Shakespeare's Three Witches in Macbeth perfectly! The three ladies are on a moon and it looks like they are waiting for Halloween in order to celebrate. Hmm!

"Awaiting Halloween and a full moon
The coven watches for signs . . .
Be it mischief or magic they'll come."

Suppose they are witches and this is their coven? I thought so! In the bottle below are "eye of newt", "wool of bat" and some other mysterious things for casting spells! The bottle is sealed with beads and sealing wax so no charms can escape. "Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble!

A new blogspot spot to check out -- Jack and Cat Curio! It is Mike Putman's blogspot and he now has it up and running. Check it out! Love the music, Mike! Thanks for putting "Gypsy Soul" up on it.


Jennifer and Kim said...

Just too stinkin'cute Judy! Are you teaching any of these at Mystic Paper? hehe! kj

Chia said...

Love the Halloween art, Judy. Gosh, can it really be that time of year already?

I enjoyed reading about the adventures. Hope you find lots of grand ones for your daily travels. Sometimes the best adventures are waiting, overlooked, in our own backyards!

Sadie Olive said...

Love your Halloween pretties. :)