Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yesterday there was a column in the East Valley Tribune by Jane Haas, my favorite columnist. Jane often writes about things that happen in her life. She was widowed shortly after I was and I found that her columns spoke to me about widowhood, life on my own, being independent and single, and many other topics. Yesterday's column, however, dealt with filling your life with small adventures. Now that made me read further.

David and I used to take "great adventures". I miss that now that he is gone. See Yosemite above and this wall is in Santa Fe. We loved to go on these great adventures to new places.
When I visited my sister and her family, we always went on "great adventures." I think of Tahoe, Yellowstone, Mendocino, San Francisco, Pismo Beach, Catalina Island, a Toby Keith concert, to name a few. I miss that, too, now that she is gone.

I used to take my two sons on local area adventures in Colorado and Northern Virginia where we lived. We often visited parks, fed geese, did some fishing (not my favorite thing! I had to cut bait and put it on their hooks!! EEEeww!), picnics and hikes, visited the swings and slides in the parks, had picnics on the family room floor during snow storms, all kinds of wonderful adventures. I had forgotten that until I read the column.

So, I decided that it was time to put some adventures back into my life. Nothing as grand as before, just small adventures here in the Phoenix area to start.

Today was my first adventure. I went to Bookman's used book store! Never been there before but had heard lots about it. What an adventure that was! I couldn't believe all the books, magazines, tapes, DVD's, etc. that they have there. I found a couple of treasures and will use parts of the magazines in future art work. I even traded in a book so that I can use store credit the next time I visit -- which will be soon.

I don't know where my next adventure will be, but I know it will happen very soon! This was a break away from the usual places I haunt. That may not sound like much, but it was for me. Perhaps the next adventure will be to the Basha Museum which is very near my home.

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