Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Isn't this pretty? I went out to get the paper and here was the sun coming up. It made me forget that my shoulder aches and my left hand is a bit stiff this morning. Instead, I thought how pretty! How lucky I am to see this! I am just glad to be up and about.

Today the painter comes to paint my bedroom and the two baths. I had my bedroom painted a bright pink about two years ago. I have thought better of that idea and will have the bedroom and master bath painted a more sensible light sage green to go with the carpet and tiles. That way I can add just about any color on the bed, rugs, towels, etc. -- I can see my beloved pink, or turquoise and blues, or vintage tans and browns, black accents, off white, pure white, etc. The guest bath will change from a mauve to a light desert tan. In there I can keep the vintage roses look or go to the desert southwest or anything else.

It is time again for a change.

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Chia said...

That's funny. At this moment I have 3 sage green paint chips sitting in my bedroom as I try to pick a new wall color. :)

Oh, take a look at my blog.. I have the beautiful sunset to go with your beautiful sunrise.

Enter the contest while you are there. :)