Friday, August 10, 2007

Rusty Things ATC

This is my ATC for the LIVE swap at Mystic Paper this evening. I looked through my husband's stuff in the garage but couldn't find any rusty nails, washers, nuts, etc. (everything is galvanized!!). So then I began to look through my stuff in the spare room and came across small rusty stars and hearts. I also have a canvas in my great room that has a bingo card with a big Texas star on it. Bingo! There was the idea for rusty things! I stamped a red star and then embossed it with Ranger vintage photo embossing powder. Ta-da! A rusty star. The rest fell into place.

Here is the canvas with the Texas star on it. I love this piece!

At the LIVE swap this evening there will be a book signing party. Check out the authors and books here. Authors included are: Michael DeMeng, Terri O, Tena Springer and Carol Wingert, and Josie Cirincione. I have three of the books in my personal library already and will add Terri O's book this evening. This should be a great opportunity to meet the authors and chat while they sign your books. Be sure to be there!

Update on the painting I had done. I LOVE the sage green of the bedroom and bath! I have already put in my pink and black accents and they look great! I just need to rearrange some furniture (actually get rid of some) and the bedroom will look great. The guest bath is bothering me. I went from a dark mauve to a light desert tan and the room just bothers me! Guess it is going from the dark to light. However, I am determined to decorate it with western/southwest things already in my house. It will work out eventually!

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