Saturday, July 7, 2007

Altered Books

I started another altered book using scraps from the scrap box as well as digging through the piles of papers that are on my craft desk. This book is still in the works. The cover is 7 Gypsies paper and the fabric is from Mystic Paper. Kim has found and cut pieces of some really lovely fabric. Check it out when you can.
Again I am using the "tipping in" method that is described in the new book Foof-a-Life published by Autumn Leaves. This method was used by Marilyn Healey in her "Seeds of Love" book. Check it out! If you haven't seen the Foof-a-Life book yet, you are missing a real treat. You can see pictures of the entire "Seeds of Love" book by visiting MemrieMare's photos on her flickr site -- click here to view. Awesome book!
I started this book a couple of years ago. I am just now getting around to finishing it up. The covers are from an old Reader's Digest book that actually had a story in it about Annie Oakley. I tried different kinds of things in this book. I rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago and decided to finish it.

You can tell I am a cowgirl at heart even though I don't ride a horse or wear western clothing. But I love the western look and cowboys in tight jeans!


Jennifer and Kim said...

Oh my gosh Judy, you are really out doing yourself. Load your projects up and let me see them in person!


Jennifer and Kim said...

How did I miss that last comment? I truly think we are related somehow! Couldn't agree with you more!