Saturday, June 16, 2007

Something to see

The usual email from Scrap Scene arrived this morning. In this email was a link to a blog by Vicki Chrisman. Vicki has organized her craft studio beautifully! Click here to take a trip to her studio and check out the various things she has done to organize. Wow! I am once again inspired to get busy and begin the long process of organization.

First thing I am going to tackle is my Hoosier cabinet. I bought this cabinet back in 1984 to store my decorative painting supplies and books. This is how it looks today with my collections and my art supplies.Right now the supplies share space with my jade-ite collection, a complete set (minus the tray) of Blakely glasses and pitcher, Hoosier containers, ironstone pitchers, and a tin picnic basket. I have decided that these collectibles need to go live with someone else now. I have loved and cared for them for years and now someone else needs to care for them. They will be taken to my booths at Merchant Square.

Next I am going to remove the flour bin from the left side of the cabinet and put back the shelving that was custom made for that side. That should give me more storage space.Once I get this done I will post the "after" pictures. This may take me a while! But it will get done. I am worried about supplies stored in the garage suffering from the heat out there -- it is summer in Arizona and the temps are moving up to 110+ degrees every day. The garage is hot!

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Vicki C said...

Well, I think your cabinet looks fabulous! Vicki