Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Organization continues

Well, the organization continues. Yesterday I emptied out the drawer of ribbons and fibers. I can never find what I want easily in that drawer. So I separated the ribbons from the fibers. I found pieces I forgot I had! Now to wade in there and get it organized!
This arrived in yesterday's mail! It is one of the best issues I have seen lately! Be sure to get a copy and look it over carefully. It is full of good ideas and new websites to explore. The "Mad Tea Party" article led me to Catherine Moore's website at Character Constructions. What a treat that was! She designs stamps and papers which are really cool! There are photos of her collections of natural things. I found a "kindred spirit" there. I have collected natural found things all my life. Now I think I will start putting my collections in my art work.
The "Nature's Bounty" layout in the new Somerset Studio issue was particularly wonderful. These little canvases were outstanding. I am now on the hunt for 4"x4" canvases. Couldn't find them at Michael's yesterday, so will have to check out art supply stores and the internet.

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Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

You are on a roll Judy! Keep it up. I actually got back on my blog tonight. Remembering passwords and usernames was a whole issue!