Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another submission accepted!

I got an email on Tuesday to let me know that one of my submissions to Sew Somerset was chosen for publication in the premier issue! Good news! I sent in one other piece, but have not heard anything about it yet. I may not, either.

Found in the garage today. I was unpacking the car after visiting an estate sale this morning and I moved some boxes out of the way and discovered this forgotten plastic bag full of cut out items.Someone (not me!!) spent hours cutting up greeting cards for what? . . . don't know! But all this work reminded me of scrappers. Don't we constantly cut out things for our layouts, ATC's, collages? I am going to package these up over time and have the packages for sale at Merchant Square. I know some scrappers do shop my booths because I have ephemera, lace, buttons and tiny bits that can be used in their work. If you live in the East Valley of Phoenix and can visit the mall, you will find some of these there in about a week.


Jennifer and Kim said...

Congrats my friend. You are so full of artistic talent it is unreal. Just wait, next you'll be a featured artist!

Judy Bidwell said...

Being a featured artist would be REALLY NICE!!!