Thursday, May 17, 2007

Busy Backyard!

It is around 3:30 in the afternoon. The temp is 100 degrees -- and that's in the shade! But the birds are out for an afternoon drink, splash bath and some food. You can see the birds on the top bowl of the fountain and the others waiting their turn on the stems of the plants behind the fountain. There is a jackrabbit sitting in the shade of the tree on the distant right, but I don't think this picture shows it well.

The baby birds mentioned in my April 16th blog have hatched and flown the nest. I think a good number of them are on the stems waiting their turn!!

I just took this picture to show the jackrabbits. There are two on the left by the bush. Two on the right. One under the tree in the distance. All you can see of the other one are his ears by the bush on the right. Seems to me that they have been doing more than keeping cool! Multiplying by the day!! I don't think the backyard sanctuary can hold too many more without squabbles breaking out. Most of the neighbors are gone for the summer (chickens!) so there isn't any activity back there. This picture is looking down three yards -- the different colors of rock are different yards.

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