Saturday, March 24, 2007

Time for Paris Class - Lots of Fun!!

What a fun time everyone had in the Time for Paris book class! First we decorated the covers and then worked on the inside pages with washes over crumpled up pages. Then we decorated some of the inside pages.

Next came a break for lunch and then Kim and Jennifer set up the Flea Market table. Everyone enjoyed shopping for just the right thing for their books.

After the Flea Market everyone settled down to work on their own book. Delightful pages were created out of all of the wonderful pictures, stickers, fabrics, lace, stamps, you name it! All went home with a close to completed book.

As a thank you for coming to my class and the Flea Market, I made everyone a tag to either put in their book or take home to enjoy. Thanks to all my students (Racheel, Chanteal, Patty and Sue) and to Jennifer and Kim for making the flea market a success!! Hugs to all!!

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Jennifer and Kim said...

Thanks so much Judy! The class was a hit. They can't wait for the next one. And your tags, well gorgeous as always. Your unique style, your enthusiasm for teaching, and your artistic talent are so very appreciated by us and your students. Hugs!!!