Monday, July 2, 2012

My weekend in Payson

I went to Payson last Wednesday to visit my BFF Gail and to shop sales and thrift stores.  In particular, an estate sale that had vintage clothing and other items.  Here's a few of my special finds this weekend.
I found a lot of vintage hats.  These are summery and will go into my booth shortly!  Love the roses!
I also found vintage hosiery in the box.  The pair on the left are supposed to be seamless stretch and will help block runs.  The box on the right contains seamed hosiery.  There are three stockings in this box so if you know any three legged person who would like seamed hosiery, let me know!!  Just kidding!  The third one could be an extra in case of a run in one of the others.
This pair of hosiery is much fancier!  Note the black heel with the rhinestones!  They have seams as well.  Really fancy!
For winter (these will NOT be in my booth until the weather cools off!!) I found a great mink stole, a pink rabbit fur collar and a child's fur muff.  Too cute for winter!!

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