Friday, April 27, 2012

The saguaro birdhouse in the back yard

I've blogged about this saguaro in my back yard before.  This year, however, it is housing three birds who are nesting in it.  Have a look!
I took these pictures yesterday, April 26, a stormy looking day here in the desert.  However, you can see two of the holes in the saguaro pecked out by Gila woodpeckers a couple of years ago.  Both these holes are occupied and full of nests with baby birds.  You can hear the babies chirping nearly all the time.  The momma's are busy gathering bugs, etc. for all those babies.  One is a Gila woodpecker and the other is a towee, I think, or maybe a grackle.  You can see all the future blossoms on the top of the saguaro.  It has NEVER had this many blossoms since it was put in the ground 10 years ago.  It's loaded -- as you can see from the rest of the pictures.
Another shot a little further to the left on the cactus.
This is the third nesting hole on the saguaro.  I saw another bird go in there just the other day to either tend a nest or feed some babies.
Here you can see three of the blossoms in full bloom.  Just before I took this a hummingbird had visited.  Too quick for me to get a pic of him!!  I don't know how old this saguaro is.  But I do know that since it doesn't have any arms yet, it is under 75 years old.  They don't grow arms until they are well aged!  LOL!

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