Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday morning

This morning I decided to check out this clock I bought on Friday at an estate sale.  I really liked it but was not real happy that it didn't run and I couldn't see how it could possibly run.
This is unusual for an old GE clock.  However, when you know that the house it came from was occupied by an artist that painted every wall in the house a different color (and I'm not talking soft colors!!), painted furniture odd colors and then added his/her own touch (such as a pink flamingo on a turquoise chest of drawers), you can understand that this isn't a GE clock out of the box.  It's one that was repurposed by someone who thinks outside the box!  I even think they painted the hands of this clock turquoise to match the original numbers.
Here's the back.  All indications told me it was once an electric clock.  But once I removed the back I discovered that the hands were run by a more recent clock battery unit you can by at any craft store.  The battery was dead, so I replaced it and . . . the clock works!!  Whew!  I thought it was a loss for me!
Another nice piece I bought last week. This is just beautiful!!  You can tell that the person who painted it couldn't see well because the edges are fuzzy.  BUT!!  I love the softness of the edges and this whole plate in general.  It's headed for the wall in my bedroom.


Shirley said...

Hi Judy, I can't ever remember seeing a clock with blue hands before. Ir is really funny what people do to things. When I was going through a box I found a box that says Micky Mouse library of Games that has six boxes in them. They are cute. It is amazing what you can run across at times. Have a great day. A Missouri Friend

CeCe said...

Good for you.. I am not even sure I would have thought to take the back off of the clock to see what was up on the inside!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love the clock and the plate is gorgeous, glad your clock was fixable, I am surprised it runs with a battery. I get my rustoleum paint two places, Home Depot and Ace, I think those are the only two places you did not check! Sorry, you could use any grey or blue grey. I just bought a can of grey primer today and i am going to see how that works, I thought I could kill two birds with one stone, I could use the primer as primer and it would be the grey back ground too

So excited you are coming to the dress form ball, see you tomorrow!