Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Etsy Cottage Style Party - What's Cookin' in the Cottage Kitchen

This month, Etsy Cottage Style is having a blog party called "What's Cookin' in the Cottage Kitchen?"  I am linking up to this because I have pictures only of a mixed media recipe book I did several years ago that I would like to share with you.  I had fun creating this and filling it with old recipes, vintage pictures and many other goodies.
Here's the cover to "My Recipes" book.  Mini cookie cutters, tiny over mitt, and a lady dressed for the kitchen with apron and crown!  ;-D
I found this recipe book in a thrift store.  It did not contain any recipes, but was full of illustrated envelopes and divider pages that could be decorated.  I'm afraid that the flash on the camera gave this picture more glitter and shine than the actual book.  Older camera, less experienced photographer!  ;-D
The pink page on the right is one of the large envelope pages where you can tuck recipes.  I used an image from a vintage cookbook to illustrate how your cook/maid should be dressed while working in the kitchen and serving meals at the table.  ;-D  That's an old dinner menu on the other page.
Recipes, embellishments, old recipes are all over the pages.  I included extra pockets for more storage.
Love the large red rick rack as trim and the fabric on the opposite page tied with red polka dot fabric.  ;-D
Always good to know what utensils are needed in the well-equipped kitchen of the early 1900's!  Plus all the measuring instruments!  I also included a weights and measures chart!  ;-D
More storage pockets and envelopes for your recipe collection.  This isn't the entire book, but it sure gives you a good idea of what fun I had putting it together!  Sorry to say I don't cook much anymore since it is only me here these days.

Thanks so much for coming to my blog and leafing through a few pages of my favorite recipe book!  I hope you enjoyed it!  Use the link to Etsy Cottage Style to see all the other bloggers who have linked up with their "What's Cookin' in the Cottage Kitchen" blogs.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love it! I was just thinking this morning that I'd like to make my own "recipe book" and get rid of the hard-to-love recipe box currently in use. You have given me inspiration to "make my own." Yours is simply adorable, love the vintage images and all the "important" information :) Hugs ~ Mary

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Your recipe book is fabulous!! Wow, are you ever talented, I do just about Zip in any paper crafting so I am in aw of your work! How exciting your friend lives here in Orlando, let me know if she has a blog. I am so excited you will be inking up your dress forms, I should call mine Sybil since I change her all the time like you do with yours! I love dress forms and hope we get a ton to drool over!


Sarah ~ Magnolia's Attic said...

What a cute idea! Now, whenever you do cook, your recipe book will make you smile : )

Rachel said...

This is amazing! I've never seen so much detail and attention put into a recipe book - it's wonderful. I just love the historical and vintage aspect! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Debbi said...

oh my gosh! How clever and creative. If I had something like this to organize my recipes in I might cook more LOL

Melody said...

Wow Judy!
That is great! I love vintage cookbooks and this not so old is
vin-tastic! You did a great Job.
So glad you came by the Cottage Kitchen Party!

Dorthe said...

Hi Judy,
thankyou for your kind visit, so funny to hear you are eating from the same plates-
Your recipi book is a wonderful addition to your kitchen, to just enjoy looking into- even if you don`t cook so much anymore. I love the old drawings from the 50-60ties?

Bohemian said...

Judy you did an amazing Job of Creating that Mixed Media Recipe Book! I adore Mixed Media but haven't attempted to Create any yet... I've already got so many Artistic Irons in the Fire... *LOL* so I'm trying to Focus more this year on one thing at a time!
Thanks for stopping by & sharing that you too have Arizona Skullys around your Property... I want to have The Man find me some that I can Create Native American Styled Art with... Hope to see you at the Sweet Salvage Event next week!

Dawn... The Bohemian