Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas favorites!

I love the glitter deer!  A little embellishment and they turn into something wonderful, don't you agree??
I recently redid my booth at Merchant Square.  I had two of the glitter deer in the display.  One under the cloche and one outside on the mirror.  Someone had removed them already this morning.  They aren't sold yet, and may return to my booth this afternoon.
Also love the white feather trees!  Added a part of an ornament to the tops to give them a finished look.  Love the silver balls in the big glass jar.
I added lots of clear glass containers of different sizes and shapes.  They make great display pieces, candy holders, ornament holders, etc. for a Christmas display! 

Also cloches to cover tiny Christmas trees.  Have been collecting silver trays all summer and they are in my booth, too!  The pink ornaments look special under the cover of a cake stand.  More pictures of my booth are on my Facebook page, Judy B's Shabby Chic.  Check it out!

Click on the pictures to enlarge.  Enjoy!

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CeCe said...

Your display looks very festive, Judy. Hope the deer sold or at least made their way back to your booth.