Sunday, October 23, 2011

Family Treasures

Last Friday, I met my brother-in-law, Ron, at the Elephant Bar restaurant near the Chandler Mall for lunch.  Ron had sold the house in Fresno where he and my sister lived for many years and moved to Buckeye, AZ this summer.  Ron brought with him on Friday a few Ryan family treasures to return to me. I was so happy to receive these treasures!!

I remember this pitcher being in my grandmother's house.  It is dark green with gold trim and this beautiful pink rose inset on each side!  Each inset has tiny hand painting on the roses and around the inset.  It is signed by "Richardi".   I am so happy to have this and it will soon go in a place of honor in my home.

Ron also brought this Ryan family quilt.  It seems a bit faded, but that makes it all the more lovely!  It is in perfect condition.  Must have been a "summer" quilt because it is so light weight and light colored.  I remember this hanging in my sister's house by the stairway.  Don't know where I am going to put this just yet.  But I will find a place for it.

Ron also gave me a box of family papers, my sister's scrapbooks, and some photos.  I discovered these two photos while digging through the box.  I had never seen the photo of my parents on the left.  I do believe it was taken on or about their wedding day in January 1943.  The tinted photo is of my mother.  There was no date so I don't know when it was taken.  But my best guess is that is was in the mid to late 1930's.  My sister, Jan, looked a lot like our mother.  Must get frames for these!!

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Bohemian said...

Oh what a Delight to receive Family Heirlooms that hold so much History and Memories! I too recently inherited some of my Mom's things when she moved to Cali to live with my Brother... she wanted to pass them along to me now & it meant so much to me!

I'm sorry I missed you at Sweet Salvage, it would have been great to visit face to face... but I'm sure with our shared passions we will very likely be in the same place another time! *Winks* I went rather berserk with the Photography since I'm a total Francophile, so my next Post is over the top... I'm a LOUSY Editor *LOL*... and I wanted to share all of the delightful visuals so I crammed them all into the last Post of that Event, so be prepared for visual overload of epic proportions when I Post it tomorrow Night! *Smiles* Yes... stuff was flying out the door instantly, so I'm glad that Kim & Katie invited me inside a half hour before they opened the doors so that I could get some shots of the original vignettes before the madness began!!! And I went back later in the Event with my Grand-Daughter because she hadn't been able to come the 1st day... the G-Kids adore Junquing with Gramma... it must be in our Genes?! *Smiles*

Dawn... The Bohemian