Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I love this framed print

Found this lovely lady print with the nice metal frame at a recent estate sale.  I decided to keep her since I just love her!  What I love most is the bouquet of flowers she is holding!  Such a pretty print!

Very romantic!  Lovely colors!  I have to wonder if this is from an actual painting of some noble lady many, many years ago.  The entire item is stamped "Made in Italy."  Couldn't part with it.  Not yet, anyway!


Robin said...

That is gorgeous, from the frame to the picture and the flowers.


Girl on the Front Porch said...

what a lovely find!

Shirley said...

A beautiful frame and picture. It does make you wonder if it was possible an ancester of the family. Have a great day. A Missouri Friend. c

M said...

I'm going to need to go into my old art history book. She looks familiar and French. Possibly Napoleon's first wife. The one he had to divorce because she couldn't bear children. Jean Pompadour?