Friday, December 3, 2010

Etsy Cottage Style Vintage Alphabet Party

For November the Etsy Cottage Style Vintage Alphabet Party letters are W and X.  Well, I found a few W's to share but I am not lovin' the X!  Don't have a thing!  Sorry!  But I did find three W's.  And here they are:
This is a really cute vintage White Wicker child's purse.  I love the little pink flowers and bow attached to the top. Found this yesterday at an estate sale.
 Next is this vintage White Wedding cake topper.  Really sweet and so pretty!  Found in a thrift store and cleaned up so that I can put it in my booth at Merchant Square.
Last is my vintage White porcelain pitcher.  I have two of these simple but elegant pitchers.  Love them.

Sorry I have taken so long since my last blog, but my life is super busy right now.  Big sale this weekend at Merchant Square and I have spent most of the week preparing for that.  More in the near future!


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Great "W"s! You should get extra points for the doubles (white wicker, and white wedding) LOL

Kimberly :-)

Debbi said...

Vintage white! awesome pics for the party. I cheated on the X and stole Melody's "x-mas" LOL

Joy said...

I was thinking you 'shoulda' pictured your other white pitcher and labeled it 'the "X-tra" porcelain pitcher'. Oh.......aren't we all a big help! lol