Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Romantic Gothic Ghosts

I have joined the Romantic Gothic Ghosts workshop/tutorial that Karla Nathan and Beth Lientz have put online.  There is a badge on the right side of my blog that will take you right to the sign up page of the workshop.  There's more information and photos there for you to see what the workshop is all about.

I have been working a bit on some of the treasures in this workshop.  But most are in progress and not done yet.  However, I can share this one with you.
I had cut this little lady out for another project, but she was too small.  This size, however, was perfect for this vintage flower frog that was on my desk.  So I added "It was a dark and stormy night.." to it and it is finished.  I think these flower frogs are a cool way to display pictures, tags, or whatever!!  Great idea for a place card at a garden party.

Here's another one I did with a flower frog:
I took apart an old altered book I did years ago in beeswax.  It was drying out anyway.  So I stuck the image of these two Indian women in the flower frog along with the saying "The Earth is our Mother.  She nourishes us, that which we put into the ground she returns to us...."  I like that!
Cleaning out the stash!!  I have had these spools of trims for quite some time.  The only new addition is the ecru lace, second from the right (thanks to Kim Thomas of Sweet Sage Vintage).  I have used some of these trims, but now feel it is time to let it all go.  The three on the left are stiff netting with fuzzy flowers or dots (like dotted swiss).  The one on the right is lavender tulle.  All are going into my booth at Merchant Square in a few days -- including the decorated flower frogs.
Have also spent some time in the garage today putting resin on sheet music and old letters (learned in my class with Ruth Rae at Art Unraveled last August).  Going to use these in future projects.  However, until they dry (sometime tomorrow) I don't know if I will be happy with the results.  Awfully shiny right now!  But it is still tacky.  Will share with you soon what I hope to do with the sheet music.  Here's a hint!
Pottery Barn catalog picture
November 2010 catalog
"Give Thanks"

I LOVE Pottery Barn!  I devour their catalog every time it arrives in the mail box.  Every time I walk in their store at the Chandler Mall, I want to toss out all my old furniture and replace every bit with items in the store!  But, who can afford to do that??  Really!!??  Anyway, the sheet music I put resin on today is in preparation for a project that jumped to mind after studying these candles.  You'll have to check back in a few days to see the outcome!!

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Sherry Goodloe said...

You've been BUSY! Can't wait to see YOUR candles when completed. I love it when things can be duplicated and not cost an arm and a leg to do so!! And I'm right with YOU on wanting everything at Pottery Barn! I could just move right in the store. LOL!