Friday, October 15, 2010

My answer to music candles

On October 13 my blog featured the music pages I applied resin to as well as those music candles from the Pottery Barn catalog.  Well, here is my solution to otherwise expensive candles.
The candles are actually LED candles I bought at Costco a week ago.  With two AA batteries these candles look great and smell like vanilla when turned on.  They even flicker like real ones.  Also, they have a timer that lets them run for 5 hours then shuts off automatically.  How cool is that??!!  The candles were in a 4-pack for $20.  However, I noticed in the last coupon book from Costco there is a $4 off coupon for the candle pack.  I think these will do and give me the same effect!  And, I just taped them to the candle so the music can be changed or removed.


Susan said...

Judy, these are beautiful! I love the fact that they have a scent like real ones and the auto shut-off. They look so real and so pretty!

CeCe said...

Judy, have just been catching up a little, just a little, on my blog friends .... these are wonderful and now I am mad I did not read this before I left town so I could go get some at Costco! And the pink dress in the next post makes me wish I was going to a prom again! Love it --- or makes me wish I could Salsa... not so sure my country dancing would do it justice... :)