Thursday, September 2, 2010

More little journals added

This week I have been making more little journals but with a Christmas theme.  Also put in a new cowgirl collage done on an old log cabin cutter quilt piece.  You can check them out on my Etsy site, Vintage Recycled, or just view them by watching the Etsy badge on the right side of my blog.  Here is a sample for you.  More are ready to be listed very soon!
This is one of my favorite images.  A mother and daughter in front of a white Christmas tree with the new doll that the little girl has just received.  So pretty!
Here is the Kris Kringle journal I just listed.  I have more of these and will list them soon, too.
Lucketts Design House photo
The only time I wish I still lived in Virginia is when Lucketts General Store sends me an email telling me about their next open house in their Design House.  What a wonderful house it is, too!!  I try to visit each time I go to Virginia to visit my family.  What I love about this photo are the old paint brushes in that turquoise colored bowl.  Also love the feed bag pillow and the picture with the bird and bird cage.
Lucketts Design House photo
This industrial look is beginning to grow on me.  I would LOVE that storage unit!  What a great thing to store fabrics in and you can see it all!  Also love those two hats on the dresser as well as that great painting behind them.  Wish I could "beam" myself over there this weekend and take a look first hand.  Where's Scotty when you need him??


Robin said...

Your journals are all soooo precious Judy! I agree with you on that storage cabinet, that would hold lots of fabric and looks so awesome.

Susan said...

I, too, wish I could live near this beautiful store! Love that storage unit along with the dresser next to it. Your journals are precious! So glad I am the proud owner of a similar Santa one.

Maureen said...

Love the two journals and the Kris Kringle is my favourite Santa image.

Stampin' D'Amour said...

Judy--these are very nice journals!! What a good price too! :)