Thursday, August 26, 2010

A rainy day

It doesn't happen often here in the Sonoran Desert.  But it is monsoon season.  The temps are high and so is the humidity.  That brings rain and thunderstorms.  I haven't seen the sun today.  Been at my craft table, busy making some small pouches or bags.  This is what I see from my window.
Actually the shutters are usually across the window but open so I can look out.  I can see a lot of movement in my peripheral vision that distracts me.  That clump of bushes you see is home to quail and bunnies.  So far today, I have seen about 6 quail run for cover from the rain in there.  And just a few minutes ago I saw a tiny baby cottontail come out of there and head for the large Texas sages bushes over here:
You can see the reflection of the open shutters in the window, but beyond that is the river rock and the big sage bushes.  Makes an interesting distraction.  I knew there were a lot of rabbits hiding in the front yard because they are regularly scared out of the bushes when I walk out there or open the garage door.  Now I know what they have been doing out there -- making more bunnies!!! (((wink, wink)))  Of course, the landscaping in the back yard is good eats, so the rabbits are doing well.  Hmm!  Perhaps if I get overrun with bunnies I will have to call someone to trap them and escort them elsewhere.

So, you ask, just what am I making today.  Here's a glimpse for you:
This simple little bag or pouch is large enough to hold a CD case or a treasure like jewelry or a small book.  I think before I put these out for sale, I am going to make a simple journal or art book to tuck inside.
This one has a gypsy girl on it.  I am working on a third right now, but waiting for glue to dry.  Took a break to do the blog.


Nancy said...

These bags are beautiful...I wish you would give us a step by step sometime....

Shirley said...

Hi Judy, I have been catching up with my reading this evening. I really like your little bags. I enjoyed reading about your trip to Denver and the workshops that you have been attending. I am trying to get back into a routine,if that is possible. Have a great day.