Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some of my favorite places

Summer is here and I was browsing through pics of my favorite vacations over the years.
Lake Tahoe -- Emerald Bay
The Grand Tetons, Wyoming
Colorado Rockies
Sedona, Arizona
Grand Canyon at sunrise.

This summer I will be visiting Payson, AZ (treasure hunting with my BFF Gail), Longmont, CO (a 3-day workshop with Judy Wilkenfeld at KC Willis' studio there) and Virginia.  Also looking forward to Art Unraveled in August.  I'm taking a class with Ruth Rae.  Will have lots to blog about in the upcoming days.


CeCe said...

Oh my goodness, Judy Wilkenfeld's work is absolutely, positively, the most moving and beautiful art. I first saw her work on DeDe Warrens blog ( not sure I spelled the name corrctly ) but immediately was drawn into the story.Hearing about this experience you will have and seeing the art created will indeed be a treat!
Also, looks to me like you are a mountain girl , from your pictures.
Beaches are more my calling!

Judy said...

Cece: I love the beaches of South Carolina at Hilton Head Island. But I really do love the mountains best.

Me! said...

Aren't you a lucky girl!? Oooh, the wonderful things that you are doing! I am really, really envious! You are going to have a Summer to remember, aren't you!? Be safe! Learn lots! Have fun! Let your creativity roam free!

{Oh, so very jealous!}

Paris Cowgirl said...

Can't wait for August!

Judy said...

Look forward to meeting you!