Monday, May 3, 2010

Steam Punk Dolls or Assemblage

I just added two doll heads to my Etsy shop, Vintage Recycled.  I know there are those of you out there that do assemblage work or mixed media that incorporates these doll heads -- OR, you know someone who does.  Jack & Cat, are you there??  Michael DeMeng uses all kinds of doll heads in his work.  Here are the two doll heads I just added:
The doll head on the left is approximately 6" tall and about 4" wide at the ears.  The smaller doll head is 3"x3".  THE SMALL DOLL HEAD HAS SOLD.  Both are composition.  You can get more detailed information about each one on my Etsy shop site.

I received an early Mother's Day gift that was Michael DeMeng's new book, Dusty Diablos.  There are many pictures of doll heads in his new book.  I also saw them in a display case at Saints & Sirens in Phoenix.  I think I posted a picture a few days ago.  I have even seen these doll heads on blogs presented in tall apothecary jars on top of shells, beads, or pebbles.  Whatever!  Not my thing, but I found these today and I KNOW there are people who look for these.
So, even if you don't think you would use one of these, perhaps you have a friend who could use one in their artwork or in a display.


Shirley said...

Your doll heads remind me of one that I have in my cedar chest. I am trying to find someone to restore it because back when I was a child the body was cloth filled with something that kind of reminded you of sawdust. That was a long time ago. Thank you for the memories. Have a wonderful week

Dorthe said...

Love the doll head in your glass cloche ,what a wonderfull idea, for a sweet little old head.
Have a great day,
Blessings, Dorthe

CeCe said...

Just catching up, a little at a time, on blog reading. First time I have seen your new banner and was delighted when I saw it! Looks like you have been one busy lady with all the new adventures. Stopped by your space at Merchant, with Kim, when I was in the valley the last time. As usual, the displays looked lovely.