Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's a work in progress!

Am in the process of changing the blog background again.  Like this one.  The only thing I want to change now is the header.  Will be working on that later today.
Found this little red velvet covered book with the gold metal clasp yesterday at a yard sale.  Couldn't pass it up!!  Take a peek inside!
It actually holds a deck of cards.  The cards slip inside that metal clasp in the middle.  I think I see a tiny altered book coming along!!


Leslie said...

Cute little book! Oh yes, I can see a little altered book in your future.

Love your background.

Pallas said...

I think the new background compliments your header very nicely.

Robin said...

Great find and those cards are even fabulous! As usual....can't wait to see what beautiful altering you will do to transform it!

JWood said...

sounds fun!

CeCe said...

Love this background! Just love it!