Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fabric finds yesterday

I was looking for some birdies yesterday.  Finally found what I wanted, but also stopped in a thrift store and scored these wonderful fabrics:
Every piece in this picture is Waverly except the blue ticking.  I was so excited to find these pieces.  The one on the top left is actually a pair of curtains made by Waverly.  They are tattered and faded -- all the better!  The top right piece has the prettiest little roses on it.  Great piece for covering a bench or for a pillow.  The piece in the center has large handwriting in French.  There were several strips of this fabric in the bag along with one large square.  I have seen this fabric on pillows that cost a small fortune!  Think I will be making one for moi!  The cowboy themed fabric is something I am always on the lookout for -- Kim, we can share some of this!  And the ticking is always appropriate for cowboy/cowgirl collages or altered books.
Here's my little flock of birdies.  Way cute!  Should I paint them a nice light ivory?  Think I will do that to a couple of them and see how I like it.


Robin said...

Love your fabric finds! You are a thrift store diva!!

StrawBoss said...

I shopped thrifts for a long tie looking for the floral fabric (topleft) and coordinating fabrics for th bedroom in a cabin we owned in CO. It was such fun! I love the hunter/gatherer in me.

The cowboy fabric was the lining for a red corduroy jacket my oldest son had about 16 years ago. I loved that little jacket.